OGG-MP3 Converter

Download free-to-try OGG MP3 converter and convert your OGG to MP3 files in just a click. One-click OGG-MP3 Converter provides the easiest way to convert OGG audio into MP3 and other popular formats, all conversions are done via right-click menu, application launch isn't required anymore! You can convert not just OGG MP3, but also OGG to WAV, OGG to FLAC, OGG to WMA and OGG to APE files. Conversion from other audio formats into OGG is also possible. Get a free free trial of OGG-MP3 converter and forget about bulk softwares, complicated interfaces and boring instructions. Just download our ogg mp3 converter, right-click your OGG files and convert OGG to MP3 or to any other format you prefer. Vista, XP and Windows 7 64-bit users now can use OGG-MP3 Converter as well!

Why convert OGG to MP3?

OGG files usually take more space than MP3s and they aren't good for an MP3 player and evenmore for your mobile phone. OGG-MP3 conversion turns your big and unreadable by majority of players OGG collection into compact MP3s with selected quality that can be read by any device and any player. You need an Ogg-Mp3 converter to do this, try our One-click OGG MP3 converter for free.

How to encode OGG to MP3 with one-click converter?

It's easy to start, simply download and install OGG MP3 Converter. Then click on OGG files or even folders containing OGG files at any location on your PC and pick "Convert audio..." option on the menu. You won't run an application to convert OGG to MP3, all conversions are done via simple right-click.

Batch OGG conversion

This Ogg-Mp3 software can convert a group of OGG files, entire folders and even whole CD or DVD disks. Also it can find all OGG files on your hard drive and convert them all at once. All conversions are performed with just a click, no matter how many OGG Vorbis files you want to convert.

More MP3 conversion software

In addition to OGG to MP3 audio converter we offer other format converters working in the same way via context menu.
www.amrtomp3.net offers AMR converter software for those who got voice recordings in AMR format.

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Edit tags for OGG files in a very easy way using Windows Explorer context menu and this tag editor software.

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